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Our welding units and certified welders obtain aluminum welding for a wide range of aluminum products used in civil, industrial and structural construction, architecture, furniture, renewable energy, automotive and machinery industries, of surfaces, shapes, angles and different sizes of aluminum alloys series 4000, 5000, 6000, etc.

Some of the Aluminum products with welding “Total quality” part of the standard products of the company are:

Welded aluminum roof trusses as load-bearing structure used for: scaffolding and framework and and/or formwork, trusses, movable ladders, modular structural structures for prefabricated buildings such as civil and industrial living, retractable roof pergolas, bio-climatic pergolas, beach bars, car port aluminum solar panels structures, etc.

Welded aluminum balustrades with vertical panels and decorative aluminum panels achieved with laser cutting technology.

Welded aluminum structures used in the furniture sector for interior and exterior applications for decorative and architectural purposes.

Aside from our diversity and flexibility in adapting our production to our customers’ specific requests, our company guarantees CERTIFIED ALUMINUM WELDING by European accredited entities for welding of aluminum products up to structural use, in conformity with the certified standard EN 1090-1 / EN 1090-3 guaranteeing quality during and after each process, for execution classes EXC1, EXC2, EXC3, EXC4. The process is performed by certified welders by an accredited and trained entity for aluminum welding, with “Certificate of approval of the welder” for each employee in accordance with the norm UNI EN ISO 9606-2: 2006 also in accordance with the ISO 3834-2: 2021 standard for welding aluminum structures.

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