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Extrusion line of aluminum profiles includes

Big extrusion press (1850 Ton)

Performs the extrusion of medium and large-sized aluminum profiles, with a very wide range of dies ready to be extruded. Including special dies for the extrusion of specific alloys of aluminium billets, applied in various industries that require structural statics and dies that guarantee a qualitative finish after anodizing based on the company standards “Total Quality “. Dies for Powder Coated Aluminum Profile Extrusion provide to customers a larger quantities of extruded aluminum profiles.

Small extrusion press (1250 Ton)

Performs the extrusion of aluminum profiles with small special dimensions and optimized length of aluminum profiles that meet any requirement of aluminium profiles to be implemented in semi-final or final product: requested by customers depending on the project in welding and assembly units and also for the various end products of the company itself.

Aluminum profiles elaboration processes

Raw material

Pespa Alumin only uses primary aluminuim billets and does not use recycled alloys. The basic alloys of aluminuim billets are as follows: 6063, 6060, 6061, 6082 which are used depending on the end use of the product, with specifications such as high structural static and mechanical strength, easily weldable, corrosion resistant and to be anodized offering products for certain industries and sectors such as: civil construction, industrial construction with aluminum structures, products for the furniture industry, renewable energies with photovoltaic systems, automotive, etc.

Aging furnace process

Extruded aluminum profiles should have a hardness of 14-18 Rockwell, depending on various aluminum alloy used. The tempering processes of the profiles in aging furnace are performed depending on the final use and functionality of the product for which the profiles will be used. 

Quality control

The team of the aluminium profile extrusion plant and especially the quality control staff, have the appropriate training to verify the conformity of the extruded aluminium profiles with other components to be processed and elaborated in other production units in order to be assembled internally in our workshops or directly by the customer himself according to his project.