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Pespa Alumin

Pespa Alumin is a leader in engineering projection and design, production and machining, treatment of aluminum products surfaces, with 28 years of experience being the most innovative company in the Albanian and Balkans market.

The company offers a complete unique service of aluminium products, produced according to the

“Total Quality” WELDING AND ASSEMBLY processes.

Basing on long experience and technical know-how Pespa Aluminum is able to provide:

In order to realize the quality of semi-finished and final products of aluminum with welding and assembly, throughout the years the company has improved the activity as a result of strategic investments.

Providing aluminium products in high quality, quickly and at optimum cost, with a closed cycle within the company itself, starting from the raw material to the final products including: Extrusion, cutting, machining, welding and assembly and concluding treatment of aluminum surface such as powder coating or anodizing.