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anodization technological line of polishing and anodizing consists of aluminium surface treatment process, to obtain anodizing finishes for: aluminium accessories and aluminium components, standard and treated aluminum profiles, semi-finished and finished products including welded
and assembled ones, guaranteeing the “Total Quality” of the final aluminium products.

This production process carries out aluminium surface treatments at the personalized request of customers and Pespa Systems aluminium products brand:

Anodizing of aluminum accessories and aluminium assembled products in small dimensions.

Anodizing of aluminum profiles and aluminium semi-finished products in medium and large dimensions.

anodization technological line

During and after each process, quality inspections are performed in full compliance with Qualanod’s license, since 2015 for ARCHITECTURAL and INDUSTRIAL type of license. Each process is performed with computerized automatic control machines and equipment, ensuring precise anodizing thickness in microns, time and color in the right finish. The quality criteria are periodically inspected by the auditors of Qualanod Switzerland license and guarantee the micron thickness according to this license, but customer requirements can also be met in cases where the respective markets require special specifications, especially countries. such as EU, UK, US etc. within the intervals provided for architectural and industrial anodizing. In order to guarantee maximum quality, the company produces monthly output of semi-finished and anodized finished products up to 300 tons.